Mulya Effran

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Mulya Effran

We offer tailor-made video productions.  We handle every aspect of the process, from the initial idea to the final edit. That way we ensure you high quality videos that delivers results.


Every project is different. That’s why we manage all of the projects and follow them up closely.


With a strong customer service background, we tend to give you an exceptional service each time you work with us.


The best communications are the ones where we’re all aligned. Therefor we invest our time in getting to know you.


We turned our passion into our work and therefor we run our projects with that same passion and drive.

Our Latest Works

About Us

Our style is documentary style filmmaking. Combining both a compelling story with film like techniques. We use the latest equipment to keep with up with the time. Backed up with a strong storyboard created in pre-production. Ensuring you the highest quality and the best results.

Documenting has been going on for centuries. Nowadays, motion pictures is the perfect medium.
Jup, the cliché of story, but it is a vital part of your film. And it's our job to tell it the right way.

Our vision is to give a voice to everyone who wants to be heard.

We will convey your message with motion.
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

To create that bridge that connects your story
with the world emotionally, we call motion pictures.

Clear Goals
Preparation is key! That's why we will invest as much time needed in forming your idea to a production.
Creativity has no boundaries. That's why we like to think outside of the box and push ourselves to new challenges.
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